How to Master the Art of Contouring — With a Spoon!

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Playing How to Master the Art of Contouring -- With a Spoon!

Anyone who has tried it can agree that perfecting the art of contouring is no easy feat!

That's why we were obsessed with this tip from a viewer named Leandra.

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When she told us the secret behind her perfect contour is a spoon, we were skeptical — and so were Rach and "Glam Masters" host and judge Laverne Cox.

But Leandra walked the walk!

She simply placed the spoon — on a diagonal — under her eye and above her cheekbone.

Then, she applied contouring powder along the bottom edge of the spoon, like so:

After, she blended it in with bronzer (she says you can use a light blush, too!).

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And voila!

An added bonus of the hack, according to Leandra?

"If you have rosacea, like me," she says, "[the spoon] calms down your cheeks."

You know we love a good double-duty trick!

Oh, and if you don't have a spoon handy but have an index card, you're in luck! "Drag Me Down The Aisle" and "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Alexis Michelle taught us how to contour just as perfectly with the office supply! Watch below:

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