Q&A: I've Been Hanging Out With This Guy For a Month But We Haven’t Been Out On a Date—Is He Hiding Me?

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Comedian, actress and author Ali Wentworth encourages an audience member to question the motives of her new boyfriend, based on the fact that they’ve never actually been out on a real date together. Here’s her question and Ali’s tough-love answer:

Q: “Okay, so I’ve been seeing this guy for a little over a month. I think it’s going pretty well, the only thing is we’ve never actually been out. He buys dinner, he pays for it, I pick it up and I bring it over and we hang out. But my question is, am I his personal delivery service? Is he interested in me, or is he hiding me? Or does he just not want to pay the delivery guy?” – Abby

A: “I actually would be totally offended. I don’t think it’s a delivery thing. He’s keeping you a secret [Rach agrees!]… I think he’s got something else on the side and he doesn’t want to see her with you. So break up with him right now!” – Ali

Watch Ali tell it like it is in the video above.

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