6 Beautiful Spring Decorations You Must Make This Season

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired March 26, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Which of HGTV's Property Brothers has the best spring DIY craft ideas? One might assume Jonathan Scott since he’s the remodeling whiz, but you’d be wrong to underestimate realtor Drew Scott, who shows Rach that he has some tricks up his sleeve as well!

Challenge One: DIY Planter

First up, Drew shows you how to transform an old window shutter into a beautiful planter. And if you don’t have a green thumb, you can always use faux plants!

Next Jonathan takes him on with a DIY log planter! He explains how you can hollow out a log and use it to plant all sort of flowers and greenery.

Tip: if you want to get really ambitious, carve out the top of a horizontal log, and fill it with flowers for an outdoor planter!

Challenge Two: DIY Birdfeeder

Drew makes a birdhouse out of – get this – Legos! How awesome! He does suggest that you glue the pieces together so that the birds don’t fly away with them.

Jonathan’s customizable birdfeeder would be a great gift for Easter or even Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. You take a wooden initial like you’d find at a craft store, drill a hole in it for hanging and string a rope through it, then slather it with honey and birdseed! As Jonathan points out, it’s way less time-consuming than building a Lego birdfeeder.

Challenge Three: DIY Easter Decorations

Drew makes a decorative bunny for Easter out of a wire frame and artificial grass. He even makes a cute little bunny tail with faux flowers!

Tip: This is a great activity to do as a family – from the kiddos to the grandparents, everyone will have fun!

Jonathan takes on Drew with a DIY decorative Easter egg that you can hang on trees outdoors or in your home. You simply wrap a balloon with thread, cover it with glue, then pop the balloon. You pull the balloon out, and you’re left with beautiful Easter “eggs” to display.

Whose spring tips did you like best? Tell us who you think won the tip-off in the comments.

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