Incredible Kitchen Fakeouts with John Gidding

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Learn How to Make Your Own Kitchen Island Aired September 07, 2015

It's understandable that many shy away from upgrading their kitchens because it can cost so much money; but it doesn't have to! Our pal John Gidding has a few affordable DIY design fake-outs up his sleeve, and each project cost him under $100 each! The best part? They're practically labor-free!

Kitchen Islands
-Take a basic wood four-legged kitchen island

-Purchase pre-finished "timeline skinnies" from your local hardware store (They're water-resistant, durable and inexpensive!)
-Using a nail gun, secure the skinnies in place and voila!

-First, cut a piece of plywood down to the size of the space you want to cover (A carpenter or your local hardware store can do this for you.)
-Stain the wood in the color of your choice and use oil or shellac to waterproof it
-Grab your nifty nail gun to adhere your awesome new backsplash and that's it!
**John suggests using a grey stain for an elevated, modern look.

Textured Walls, Ceilings and Wainscoting
-For $20 per roll, you can purchase textured, embossed wallpaper. They're self-adhesive so no need for messy wallpaper glue (phew!)
-Paint over the wallpaper in the color of your liking in a "W" motion
-Done! How easy is that?

Tips from John
-Don't be scared
-Approach the kitchen as you would approach any project
-Be smart about it; for the things that cover a lot of space like walls and backsplashes, don't spend too much money. For eye-catchers such as hardware and faucets, spend a little extra because those will be noticeable

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