5 Amazing Tips to Simplify Your Holiday Decorating

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If you want to get your home in the holiday spirit but are overwhelmed at the thought of all the decorating you need to do, designer Jeremiah Brent is here to make it easy on you with five simple tips.

Tip 1: Use a Clothes Hanger to Store Your Christmas Lights Tangle-Free

If you’re an urban dweller with little space, or whether you just have a lot of lights to store, this tip will be super helpful. Wrap your Christmas lights around an ordinary clothes hanger and pop them into a plastic box for easy, no-tangle storage.

Tip 2: Use Fishing Line to Secure Your Christmas Tree to the Wall

Jeremiah suggests using some fishing line and a small hook to secure your Christmas tree to the wall, to avoid it toppling over. Also, be sure to only put non-breakable and baby and pet-friendly ornaments on the bottom third of your tree if you’re concerned about your toddler or dog messing around with the tree.

Tip 3: Use Plastic Party Cups to Keep Ornaments Safe

If you are sick of having to take the time to wrap all your ornaments individually for storage, check out Jeremiah’s hack. Stand plastic party cups upright in a plastic bin so they fill the bottom of the bin, then pop your ornaments in! You end up with the same end result as those expensive cubed storage boxes!

Tip 4: Follow This Simple Christmas Tree Math

If you want to know how many decorations to put on your Christmas tree, follow this simple math. For every foot of tree, you should have 100 lights, 9 feet of garland and 20 ornaments.

Tip 5: Mix it Up With Your Christmas Lights

Jeremiah likes to use a couple different kinds of lights, for example, a string of bigger bulbs and a string of smaller twinkle lights, on the tree to minimize costs and make the tree look more interesting.

What aspect of holiday decorating do you find to be most overwhelming? Share below.

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