6 Beautiful and Inexpensive Decorating Projects for Your Awards Show Party

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It’s awards season, which means everyone has turned into an armchair critic and is waiting on pins and needles to see if their favorite stars will take home the big prizes! If you’re hosting an awards show party — read on for six creative decorations from design experts Genevieve Gorder and John Gidding that you can make yourself!

Tip 1: Golden Globe Garland

This project is super fun and so easy that you won’t believe it. Just get a bunch of golden cupcake liners, staple them together, then fan them out so they are “golden” globes, then string them up! How cute!

Tip 2: Sparkly Star Garland

For this one, John take star-shaped cardboard or paper cutouts and sprays adhesive onto them, then dusts them with gold glitter before stringing up. So pretty!

Bonus Tip: Do all your project that involve glitter in a “glitter box,” which is just a cardboard box to contain all the glitter so it doesn’t get everywhere.

Tip 3: “Popcorn” Cupcakes

Genevieve found this adorable idea online. Just buy some red and white striped popcorn boxes, cut them into the shape of little liners, and wrap around pre-baked cupcakes (or store bought to save time). Then, apply white icing and top with mini marshmallows that you cut with scissors to look like popcorn! Finally, dust with an edible spray that looks like butter. Now you’ve got “popcorn” cupcakes for your awards show party!

Tip 4: Etched Movie Glassware

John shows us how easy and affordable it is to make etched glassware! He uses a simple product from the craft store to etch a movie camera onto a beer stein. How cool!

Tip 5: Giant Bubbly Display

Genevieve shows you how to use an empty champagne bottle left over from New Year’s Eve to make a giant festive bubbly display — using only gold balloons and craft wire!

Tip 6: Golden Candles

John shows you a fun trick. Just take a plain white pillar candle and add a simple embellishment — spray thumbtacks gold and then arrange them in the candle! Fun!

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