3 Easy Ways to Take a Room From Drab to Fab

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired August 16, 2016

Peter Souhleris and David Seymour from A&E’s Flipping Boston are here to show you how to simply and easily transform your home with three inexpensive DIY projects....

Project 1: DIY Molding

Peter and David show you how to use inexpensive molding strips to add visual interest to a wall.

Tip: Aim for your molding to lie about six inches from the next wall, and about six to ten inches from the floor and ceiling.

Project 2: DIY Chalkboard

This is very inexpensive project that will save you a ton! Just use Chalkboard paint to paint onto your wall, then distress and stain plywood to make a frame!

Project 3: DIY Floating Bookshelves

David shows you how to take L brackets, which he says you can find for about $2 each, and drill them into the wall fairly close together. Then, just pop a stack of books on top of the brackets – how easy is that?

Tip: Be sure to use anchors unless you are drilling into a stud.

Which of these projects would make the biggest difference in your home? Share below!

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