How to Create a Watermelon Owl Masterpiece

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Fruit salad never looked so good! See how you can turn a watermelon into a cute serving bowl owl.

Step 1: Make a steady base

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Keep your watermelon from rolling around by creating a “foot” and slicing off the bottom.

Step 2: Create a cavity to place the fruit

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Choose the least attractive side of the watermelon for this step. Cut out a quadrant by slicing half way down, and then across. Hollow out the watermelon with a melon-baller and/or use some of that melon to create these refreshing ice pops!

Step 3: Make the owl’s eyes

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Take some toothpicks, and adhere two slices of grapefruit to the front of the watermelon. Then (with more toothpicks) adhere a slice of kiwi to the center of each grapefruit, and his eyes are complete!

Step 4: Give the owl a beak

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Take a small wedge of grapefruit and place it on the center of the watermelon, below the owl’s eyes.

Step 5: Create feet for the owl

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Take two small grapefruit triangles and lay them in front of the watermelon to make the owl’s feet.

Step 6: Create the owl’s wings

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An owl’s gotta fly, right? Create its wings by slicing the exterior of a pineapple and adhering it to both sides of your owl with toothpicks.

Step 7: Give the owl some eyebrows

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Yes, they have eyebrows! Create them by using the leaves off the top of a pineapple, and again adhering with toothpicks.

Step 8: Fill with fruit

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Using a mix of the balled up watermelon and other fruits you love, fill up your owl!

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