Creative Ideas for Entertaining in a Small Space (Think DIY Doughnut Wall)


Playing Creative Ideas for Entertaining in a Small Space
Creative Ideas for Entertaining in a Small Space Aired October 04, 2016

Entertaining in a tiny apartment (or any apartment at all) can be a big challenge, so we asked HGTV’s “The Cousins,” Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri to share their best tips for pulling it off with style (and space) to spare:

Introducing The Murphy Bar
You have the murphy bed, the murphy door, and now the murphy bar! This DIY mini bar gets mounted to the wall and Colanieri says it only costs $20 to make. “The idea here is it’s off the floor, so you’re not taking up that critical square footage in the house,” says Carrino.

How to Make a Pop-Up Table
Carrino says Floyd (a furniture company) sells table legs separately so you can pick any size tabletop you want to go with them! (The tabletop they used is from a company called Real Antique Wood.) For easy storage, he says it even comes with a nifty canvas bag so you can put the legs away, and slide the tabletop under your bed.

Party Do: DIY Bagel or Doughnut Wall
Want to do something different for your next party? Grab a pegboard and hang bagels or doughnuts off of it. Just prop it up against a wall for a beautiful and functional display. Genius!

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