6 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle an Old Mini Fridge, Sewing Machine, Fish Tank + More!

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired August 17, 2017

Think your clunky old machines and appliances are useless?

Think again!

Design pros Genevieve Gorder and John Gidding went head-to-head to turn what would have been hunks of junk into something brand spankin’ new! Take a look at all of their creations below.

From Mini Fridge to Cooler

“They’re kind of the stinker in your appliance game and always get cast aside in your basement” says Genevieve.

But not today! Last time, she decorated a not-so-pretty fridge with duct tape, but this time, she found a stylish way to repurpose it into a cooler for your backyard that’ll keep your beverages cold “for days!” See how in the video above.

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From Old Keyboard to Magnets

If you’ve got an old keyboard (or two… or three) that you can’t bare to send to the landfill, try this. John took the keys off of one and turned them into refrigerator magnets! All it takes is some spray paint, a little hot glue on the backs of the keys and mini magnets from a craft store. Make ‘em even fancier by adding fun stickers on the keys.

From Blender to Pendant Light

Blenders are SO yesterday. Put that baby to work in a whole new way by turning it into a pendant light! Grab a drill bit and drill a hole in the bottom (big enough to string a wire through it). Take a pendant light on a cord and put it inside the blender to light up your world!

From Old Fan to Antique Wall Clock

Antique-looking clocks could go for hundreds of dollars (lame) so make your own! If you have an old fan lying around, just take the cage off and put a cool looking clock inside. Ta daaa!

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From Fish Tank to Coffee Table

This DIY tip is pretty cool -- since fish tanks have to hold a lot of water weight, they’re strong enough to turn into coffee tables! Just turn it upside down and “Patina” the metal. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

From Sewing Machine to Desk

Old sewing machines are usually set in a gorgeous solid wood table. If you have one of these laying around, take off the sewing machine and turn the table into a desk using wooden magazine holders and a pretty wood stain -- it’ll look like a vintage roll top desk when you’re done!

Have a good idea of who won this design war? If not, see for yourself in the video below!

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