Here's How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger Instantly

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When studio audience member Cindy sat down on the "Scott Seat" with the "Property Brothers," Drew and Jonathan Scott, on our show, she was looking for a way to transform her "dated" kitchen on a budget.

"I'm a little retro!" Cindy admits.

As you can see below, Cindy has lime green countertops and linoleum flooring:

Rachael Ray Show

The "Property Brothers" took one look at the 1960s-esque kitchen and knew exactly what to do.

"You need to brighten it up a little bit, because it'll actually make it feel a lot bigger," Drew says.

And they showed Cindy just how to accomplish that -- without breaking the bank!

How to Upgrade Your: CABINETS

"You can paint out all your cabinets, if you use an oil-based acrylic and sand and prep them properly," Jonathan advises. "[Just] don't use latex, because it’ll peel!"

"We recommend usually spraying it, but you don’t even have to," he continues. "You can roll it on."

We can roll with that!

The "Property Brothers" digitally transformed Cindy's kitchen to show her what it would look like with their suggestions! Check it out below:

Rachael Ray Show

How to Upgrade Your: LINOLEUM

If you want to upgrade your linoleum floors without getting new flooring altogether, all you have to do is rough your linoleum surface a little bit (with something softer than a scouring pad, just to get rid of the shine), apply thick primer coat (use two coats so it’s bright!), apply tape to the floor to create a checkered pattern, paint the squares and pull the tape up. Lastly, apply three coats of polyurethane to seal the paint, since there’s likely going to be a lot of traffic on the flooring.

Rachael Ray Show

Watch the "Property Brothers" demonstrate the nifty technique in the video above!

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