Nate Berkus Brings 3 of His Instagram Tips and Tricks to Life

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Whenever our friend Nate Berkus visits, we know we’re going to walk away with handy home decor tips and tricks -- and this time was no different.

While fulfilling co-hosting duties with Rach, Nate brought some of his Instagram posts to life right in the studio -- and we took notes.

HOW TO: Add Trim to Your Lampshade

Instead of paying $300 to have it done professionally, Nate took matters into his own hands when it came to adding a fancy trim to his lampshade.

All you need is the trimming of your choosing -- bric-a-brac, like Rach and Nate used on the show, or pom poms -- and a glue gun. And voila, you’re in business!

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Pro tip: Use paper clips to help keep your trim in place while you make your way around the lampshade. Plus, fabric shades are easiest to work with!

Watch the video above to see Rach absolutely master the task!

WHAT TO: Pack in Your Moving Bag

We all know how much of a pain moving can be. So anticipating what you’re going to need when you walk into a brand-new home is key.

That’s where the “Nate Berkus Kit” comes in.

“This is what we have in a duffel bag when we descend on someone’s home, whether it’s new or a renovation,” Nate explains.

And it works like a charm for new homeowners, as well.

Some items of note are toilet paper (because who has toilet paper stocked in a new home upon arrival?), a drill, furniture moving pads, picture-hanging hooks (after all, if you’re in a rental, you want to avoid making holes in the wall) and proper a tool kit.

The most random item, you ask? A hair dryer. But hear Nate out.

“When you’re gluing stuff with your superglue, if anything breaks during the move or installation, you don’t want to stand there -- because you’re unpacking boxes and you have a million things [to do],” he explains. ”[The hair dryer] helps everything dry faster.”

Genius. Get a closer look at the goodies Nate recommends right here.

HOW TO: Layer a Window

If you’re anything like Nate, it bothers you to no end to have to open and close draperies after working tirelessly to get them in a perfect position.

Well, roller shades to the rescue! And if you’re used to them being boring and drab, you haven’t seen the chic patterns Nate created with The Shade Store.

“Adding a roller shade not only gives your home an extra layer of detail, but also, I never have to move the window treatment, ever,” he says. “Those can stay perfectly.”


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