How to DIY a Seashell Chandelier

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After falling in love with a $700 designer chandelier, Roxanne, DIY expert and interior designer behind the blog The Honeycomb Home, got crafty and created her own version for a friend. With a few simple materials, here’s how you can replicate the look yourself!

Chandelier frame (Roxanne found hers online for $12!)
Bag of shells with pre-drilled holes
Fishing line

“O” rings from a jewelry story
Bulb pendant kit

To get started, string fishing line through the holes of the shells and knot. Continue until you reach the desired length. “You can make it as long or as short as you want it to be,” explains Roxanne.

Attach “O” rings around the perimeter of the chandelier frame and attach a metal hook to the end of each shell strand. Then, hook the strands to each of the “O”-rings.

Lastly, install your bulb pendant kit according to the directions.

Voila! What an easy way to get a breezy, seaside look for a fraction of the price.

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