HGTV's Property Brothers Show You How to DIY 3 of Their Favorite New Design Trends for 2018

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New year, new you AND new home decor?

Yes, please!

We enlisted the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, to show us what’s new and trendy in the world of interior decorating -- and they delivered!

"Every room in your house should have some kind of a feature," Jonathan says.

Now, that may sound like a lot of work -- but luckily for us, the Scott brothers gave us three statement projects that are completely doable over a weekend!


Rachael Ray Show

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Our favorite brothers say that mossy green and violet are currently colors of the moment, so pick a room in your home that needs a little pizazz and paint away!

"Make sure you prime [the wall] really well," Jonathan says of prepping it for paint.

To go the extra mile, you can also spice up the wall with millwork panel grids, like in the photo above.

Watch Jonathan and Drew demonstrate how in the video above!


Rachael Ray Show

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As Drew puts it, "Put a little personality in your cement!"

To recreate the terrazzo tray the siblings made on the show, all you need is cement, water and pieces of sea glass (which you can actually buy containers of at houseware stores, Drew says).

Just be careful with those shards, everyone!

Mix the cement and water until it’s loose enough (but not watery!), pour the mixture into your tray or panels of choice and place pieces of sea glass in the cement as you see fit.

(And pro tip: You can also use this technique to create wall panels for a feature wall!)

"Remember as you’re pouring the water in," Drew warns, "if it doesn’t look like it’s loose enough yet -- if it looks too thick -- give it a second to settle in, because it will continue to loosen up."

Once your creation dries, if you’re hoping for a more polished look, Jonathan suggests applying a resin on top.


Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray Show

Photos courtesy of Airoom

The BEST news about this trend?

"You don’t even have to own your place if you want to do this," Jonathan says.

And that’s because you can use double-sided tape to attach plastic panels that look like tin -- which you can find at the hardware store -- to your ceiling.

(With that said, if you do have the ability to nail or glue them, Jonathan does recommend it.)

"Bronze and brass [are both] back in style," Jonathan says of the tin trend.

Jonathan and Drew were recently named Habitat Humanitarians -- so if you want to take in more of their expertise, you can enter for a chance to build with them here!

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