DIY or Hire a Pro? A Guide to Which Home Improvement Projects You Should and Shouldn't Do Yourself

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Despite what you may believe, you do NOT have to call a contractor for every home improvement task.

Just ask our friend, carpenter and HGTV star Carter Oosterhouse (formerly of "Trading Spaces")!

The home renovation pro revealed that — although he probably shouldn't admit it for business! — if you're redoing your home and looking to save as much cash as possible, you can absolutely DIY these four things yourself!

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DIY: Carter says that flooring is the perfect place to start your DIY journey! When it comes to being user-friendly (i.e. workable for non-pros), flooring products have come a long way, especially with all of the "click and lock" options out there. Sometimes, you can do one whole room in an evening!

HIRE A PRO: His only note? When it comes to ceramic tiles, you can definitely teach yourself, but there is a learning curve. So you might want to leave that to the professionals!


DIY: According to Carter, as long you already have plumbing, you can install a sink yourself — and it's literally a snap! You can just put it right on to the top of your bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinet.

HIRE A PRO: However, if you don't have plumbing already, leave that to the pros! There's a LOT more to do than just popping that sink on top!

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DIY: Believe it or not, Carter says that installing cabinets is something you don't need to hire professionals for! Any factory-sized cabinets in kitchens and bathroom vanities are kind of ready to be "popped" in, so they don't require a pro.

HIRE A PRO: That said, when it comes to extended islands and custom kitchen cabinetry, those might be best to leave to professionals — unless you're an experienced DIYer.


DIY: Carter admits that a professional paint job often looks better than a DIY — but that's only because professional painters have all the right tools for the job! One of his favorites? The paint shield, a tool that eliminates the need to tape off your room and creates mistake-proof edges.

Although, as Carter demonstrates in the video above, easier said than done — so you may still want those pros! Watch him break it all down in the video above.

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