3 Creative DIY Dresser Makeovers You Can Do In a Weekend

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If you've binged Netflix's "Queer Eye" reboot the way we have, then you've seen (and been in awe of) Bobby Berk's gorgeous home designs that are revealed at the end of each episode.

(Seriously, how does he work that magic in a week?!)

Well, for those of us who aren't quite as much of a pro as he is, he showed that sometimes, a room spruce-up is as simple as updating an old, boring dresser!

"I love taking pieces that you already have," Bobby tells Rach, "and kind of upcycling them."

And that's exactly what Bobby did with a plain $35 dresser.

In fact, he did THREE different makeovers—ranging from easy to advanced!



Rachael Ray Show

If you want to change the placement of the hardware on your dresser, Bobby simply suggests filling the holes with wood putty first.

You'll know the pink putty is dry when it turns white—and then all you have to do is sand it down before you paint!

"Make sure you sand it really well," the design pro advises. "Otherwise, when you do the paint, you'll see some of it through there."

(You *can* use primer before you paint with your color of choice, but Bobby prefers doing two coats of paint instead.)

Once the paint dries, add your hardware. (Bobby splurged on brass campaign hardware!)

Pro tip: Don't use a drill on brass, Bobby says! The drill will destroy it, so use a screwdriver instead.


The key to this one? Self-adhesive wallpaper!

"If you're doing a pattern," Bobby recommends, "cut it to where the pattern lines up."

That way, when the drawers are closed, the (drawer)paper pattern aligns and doesn't look all mismatched!

See what we mean?

Rachael Ray Show

Bobby also has a very specific technique for applying the paper to the drawers to avoid bubbling -- watch him demonstrate in the video above!

(Spoiler alert: He starts in the middle.)

The "Queer Eye" star then finishes this makeover off with brass knobs—and that's that!


This one is the most advanced—so you're going to need eye protection, everyone!

To get the look of wood panels, Bobby carefully scores the wood of the dresser drawers with a circular saw.

(And he suggests buying a guide rail to help—like the one he uses in the video above.)

After sawing and before painting (Bobby chose a light grey!), be sure to sand the edges. And then use a small brush to fill the wood cuts with dark wax.

"[That] makes it look like real planks," Bobby says.

How professional does this look?!

Rachael Ray Show

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