From Cheat Meals to Alcohol, Trainer Bob Harper Answers Your Burning Diet Questions

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by Lisa Lozano

Embarking on a diet and exercise routine can seem complicated. That’s why Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper is here to answer your biggest questions and take some of the mystery out of it.

What should you order when you get takeout?

Bob recommends staying away from starchy carbs and focusing on lean proteins and veggies. For example, when you get Mexican takeout, Bob says to avoid beans, rice, chips and flour tortillas. He shares that he usually gets the fajitas with corn tortillas and guacamole. When getting Asian food, Bob says: skip the rice! He advocates ordering steamed foods and adding a small amount of a flavorful sauce, which will go a long way.

What does Bob think about cheese?

Cheese should be considered a luxury, Bob says, that can be consumed occasionally in moderation.

How does alcohol fit into a diet?

Bob says that when you drink an alcoholic beverage with a meal, be sure to count that as your carb for the meal.

Tip: For serving sizes, keep this rule in mind. 8 oz. is a serving of beer, 4 oz. is a serving of wine, and a shot glass is a serving of liquor.

How should you measure success?

Bob says don’t measure your fitness and diet success solely by the scale. He suggests using a measuring tape to keep track of how many inches you’re losing – that’s a better measure of success than your weight.

Tip: The proper place to measure your waist is at the level of your belly button.

What does Bob think about cheat meals?

Bob says that a cheat meal (not to be confused with a cheat day) can cap out at 1,000 calories, which is quite a lot, he says. He encourages the occasional cheat meal so that you won’t feel deprived and rebound.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of a diet and fitness regimen? Tell us in the comments!

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