Bob Harper's 24-Hour Diet

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 03, 2015

Ever wonder what The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper eats to make him look so good? He's walking you through his daily diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, he's showing you some of his favorite healthy snacks!

Bob took on a big challenge for this season – an entire studio audience over 100 people kind of big! Each audience member wants to lose a minimum of 50 pounds and we call them our ‘Weight Loss Warriors.’ Throughout the season, he’s working with each member individually to achieve that goal and Bob is giving us their update! Rach asks if Bob is worried about them going off-track for the holidays. “If you fall off the wagon, don’t let it freak you out – get back on it! It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, it’s all about what you do today!”

So what does Bob eat every day to keep him looking incredible?

Breakfast: “I am a creature of habit; I eat the same thing over and over again. This is my breakfast – that’s scrambled eggs with zucchini and salsa. I like to roast my vegetables a lot, that’s what I did with my zucchini. I hit protein, fat and carbs every single time I eat.”

So, is he a whole egg or egg white kind of guy? “Whole egg, because I want to get the fat, right? I want to get the protein and the fat. However, if I want more volume…I’ll bump it up with extra egg whites. Always two eggs, maybe three, but I’ll stick with the two and then I’ll go to like four egg whites, so it’s like still yellow,” says Bob.

Snack: For a snack a few hours later, he always carries fruit and nut butters on hand.

Lunch: “This is my lunch, this is eggplant with roasted tomatoes with a quinoa pasta…I love the flavor of quinoa pasta, it’s sort of a nutty flavor.”

Snack: Bob carries around a protein shake as a snack.

Dinner: “Dinner is one of my favorite ones…I have a huge salad with chicken, and that’s what I eat. I do a chicken – I do it from rotisserie a lot of times, and I strip it off, throw it in there. I wish you could see how big this salad is!”

Bob’s parting tip is to load up on your veggies. “When you’re counting your calories, that’s what I have to do in my world, I want you to count your protein calories, I want you to count the fat calories. But when it comes to vegetables; that’s why I can have a salad the size of like, you know, my coffee table basically! No one is ever going to gain weight from salad or broccoli.

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