Kirstie Alley's Weight-Loss Journey


Playing Kirstie Alley's Weight-Loss Journey
Kirstie Alley's Weight-Loss Journey Aired May 27, 2015

The fabulous Kirstie Alley is in the house, and she’s never looked better! “The last time we sat down together, we were chatting and you were like ‘Well, my goal is I want to lose about 30 pounds,” says Rach. “Yes, that was my goal and then I hit that,” says Kirstie. “So then I went on and I lost 50!” Kirstie spills the details on her journey above.

Then, Kirstie explains her weekly strategy, and gets down to the nitty-gritty of her weight loss. Watch below!

Next, Rach asks if Kirstie has any resolutions for the New Year. “Well, I would like to fall in love this year,” says Kirstie. The perfect special someone for her? “Somebody’s got to be witty. They don’t have to be funny, funny; but they have to be witty and quick!” Watch more details on her love life below. 

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