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Playing A Simple Tip For Storing Your Table Linens
A Simple Tip For Storing Your Table Linens Aired May 18, 2015

Hang Your Linens

Given their size, table linens often pose a challenge when it comes to storing them away. But instead of stuffing them into drawers or baskets and letting them get covered in wrinkles, Walsh recommends placing them onto hangers after you iron them and hanging them in a closet. That way, they'll always stay neat and tidy, and may not reqire additional ironing when you go to use them again.

Organize Your Multipurpose Table

Anyone with kids knows that tables like the dining room table are often used for more than just eating; homework, arts and crafts and even your own work can quickly turn it into a multipurpose table.

To help reduce clutter, take your light items and put them into the bin. Place the bin into a closet or storage area.

If your table has enough space underneath, install hooks and hang your bins below the table.

Label the Items in Your Freezer

This is a tip that many professional restaurants do.

Buy four clear bins according to the size of your freezer and label them "Meat," "Soups," "Veggies" and "Stocks."

Place the corresponding items into each bin and stack the bins on top of one another, again based on the size of your freezer.

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