4 DIY Skincare Fails and How to Fix Them

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by Lisa Lozano

Want to make your own beauty products? You can save a ton of money, but if you do it the wrong way, you could be doing more harm than good! Dr. Whitney P. Bowe is here to share the right way to make your own facial care products.

Fail No. 1: Using Toothpaste on a Pimple

Toothpaste often has baking soda, which can help dry out a pimple, but it also has a lot of chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Solution: DIY Yogurt-Avocado Mask

Just mix some avocado and plain yogurt and apply to your face for 10 minutes, then wash off. You can repeat one or two times per week.

Tip: Be sure to get yogurt with live active cultures, because this is what’s going to help clear up your pimple.

Fail No. 2: Scratched by Homemade Nut Shell Scrub

Some homemade beauty recipes for exfoliating cleanser call for crushed nut shells. Dr. Bowe stresses that this is not a good idea, because the broken nut shells can be jagged and sharp and can really tear into your skin.

Solution: DIY Moisturizing Sugar Scrub

Dr. Bowe just mixes coconut oil and sugar to make a super-hydrating exfoliating scrub. How easy (and inexpensive) is that?

Fail No. 3: Washing with Soap After a Sunburn

Dr. Bowe reveals that the last thing you want to do is wash with soap when you have a sunburn, because it’s really drying and irritating to the burned skin.

Solution: Soothe Your Sunburn with Milk

Dr. Bowe suggests making cold milk compresses by dipping washcloths in a bowl filled with milk and ice. Just apply the moistened washcloth to whatever part of your body is burned. Brilliant!

Tip: You can also use aloe straight from the plant on your burn, as long as you are not allergic.

Fail No. 4: Putting Butter on a Burn

Dr. Bowe shares that the old home remedy of putting butter on a burn is actually not good for your injury.

Solution: Use Honey to Soothe Burned Skin

If you happen to burn yourself in the kitchen or elsewhere, honey is natural way to soothe and heal your skin.

What is your favorite DIY skin care product to make and use? Tell us in the comments!

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