3 Easy, At-Home Medical Tests For Everything from Your Tastebuds to Your Attention Span

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Having a problem with your tastebuds? Or more trouble than normal focusing? Check out these 3 easy (and free!) at-home tests from Dr. Ian Smith that can help you figure out if you might have a problem that’s worth following up with a doctor’s visit.

How To Tell if You Have Attention Fatigue or ADD

This test compares how quickly you can read colored words to how quickly you can recognize the colors of the words. A big time difference between the two tasks may be a sign that you’re suffering from can reveal attention fatigue, and can also indicate ADD.

Do You Have a Nerve Problem? Here's a Test to Check

This is called the “wobble test” and is used to determine whether you have a tremor. Most people have a minor tremor, which is often normal and benign, but a very noticeable tremor could be a sign of Parkinson’s and is worth making an appointment with your doctor, says Dr. Ian.

Is There Something Wrong With Your Tastebuds?

Dr. Ian suggests doing a blindfolded taste test to see how well you can sense four tastes: salty, sweet, bitter and sour. Problems with taste could be related to an issue with your nose, or could be caused by something more serious like a stroke or diabetes, Dr. Ian says.

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