Stop Overeating for Good with These 5 Tips from ‘The Biggest Loser’ Chef

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Devin Alexander is not only a celebrity chef, but she’s also been a chef for “The Biggest Loser” since 2006, and has written all of the show cookbooks. In the video above, she gives a tour of her personal kitchen (which doubles as her test kitchen) and shares her best tips to outsmart overeating and keep the pounds off.

Tip 1: Avoid Sugar for Breakfast
Alexander says she always eats three meals a day, but stays away from sugar for breakfast. “If I start with sugar in the morning, like pancakes, I find myself craving sugar like crazy all day!”

Tip 2: Use Smaller Dishes to Avoid Overeating
She says to make sure to have plenty of small dishes on hand to help with portion control. “If I have to get up to get more, it helps me ask myself if I really want more.”

Tip 3: Portion Out Snacks Ahead of Time
When you come home from the grocery store with snacks (think crackers, candy, chips, etc.) it’s helpful to immediately portion out those snacks into little sealable bags. This way, when you’re craving a snack, you just grab one little bag and when it’s done, it’s done!

Tip 4: Serve Fruit in Martini Glasses
Alexander suggests serving fruit in martini glasses to make them feel like an elegant treat.

Tip 5: Save Your Most Indulgent Desserts for When You Eat Out
She says you don’t have to completely give them up, but if you’re eating in front of other people, you’re less likely to overeat.”

Craving dessert now? You’re going to love this dreamy chocolate cake recipe Alexander created for a $5,000 per plate dinner -- and it only has 200 calories per slice!

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