Bob Harper Shows Off His Crazy Amazing Before & After Ab Pics

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Bob Harper has been helping people get fit on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” for over a decade, and it seemed like his own personal fitness couldn’t get any better. But these before and after pics show that there is always room for improvement!

From August 2016 to December 2016, Bob turned a great body into pretty much the body of a Greek god.

Bob said of the experience, “That was a lot of work. A friend of mine, Nick Shaw, introduced me to carbs again, because everyone for the longest time kept thinking carbs are bad. And once you start putting good carbs into your body, it’s like carbs are there for a reason. They’re a natural fuel source that helps you to workout even better, and feel better. So, I feel great.”

We decided to test Bob’s newfound uber-fitness by sending him to a new type of workout class -- and it seemed a bit like being inside a video game. Watch to see what he thought of it.


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