Putting Garlic in Your Socks + Other Ways to Stay Healthy

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Playing Putting Garlic in Your Socks + Other Ways to Stay Healthy

When it comes to eating and staying healthy, it’s not quite as simple as “an apple a day,”  but Dr. Ian Smith is definitely a fan of the “food as medicine” theory. Read on for 3 surprising ways he says some of your favorite ingredients can keep you feeling great.

1. Eat (and Wear?) The Stinking Rose (aka Garlic)
Sure, it’s one of Rach’s favorite ingredients, but did you know garlic can also help guard against a nasty cold? Dr. Ian says garlic contains antimicrobials that help fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause those miserable mid-season colds. For the extra-brave/determined to do everything possible to avoid getting sick, he even recommends crushing a few cloves and putting them in socks to let the garlic absorb through your skin. You might smell, but you’ll feel terrific!

2. Take a Trip to the Tropics for Sinus Congestion (Well, kinda…)
Nasal cavity pressure wearing you down? Look to Hawaii for comfort, and no, we don’t mean skip town and take a vacation. Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain, which can help loosen mucus and treat sinus congestion. Not exactly a prescription for a pina colada, but close enough!

3. Licorice to Help Fight Heartburn
If you have chronic heartburn, the pain is no joke. Dr. Ian says some experts suggest that pure black licorice (no, not the sugary candy you chomp on at the movies) can help coat the esophageal lining. The way it works is twofold: The licorice makes a protective layer over the lining of the esophagus and the chewing action makes you salivate, which in turn can help get rid of acid.

All that’s fine and dandy but how about preventative care? That can come in the form of vitamins. Do you know your vitamins A to zinc and what foods contain them?

Test your knowledge at home with this quiz game in the video below to see how your skills measure up!

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