Kick Sugar Cravings to the Curb but Keep the Wine? Okay!

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Playing David Zinczenko Gives Us the Breakdown on His 14-Day Zero Sugar Diet Plan

Eating healthy can be a challenge, but sometimes just knowing what to eat can be even harder!

That’s where David Zinczenko, creator of “Eat This, Not That” and author of “The Zero Sugar Diet,” a 14-day plan to kick your sugar cravings to the curb, comes in.

“When you get control of your relationship with added sugars, your entire life changes,” says David. “You find that you can boost your metabolism, you can flatten your belly, you can restore gut health, and you can actually lose a lot of weight and get on a path to better health.”

Though many people know there’s sugar in cookies and cakes and ice cream, Rachael (not a sweets eater herself) says, “people don’t understand that even if you’re not a fan of eating sweets like cake, ice cream and cupcakes, there is so much sugar in your diet that you are simply not aware of.”

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Check out these stats:
Daily yogurt or granola laden parfait - sugar equivalent of 2 donuts
One cup of jarred tomato sauce - sugar equivalent of 1.5 donuts
Fancy coffee drinks - sugar equivalent of 3 donuts

What’s On The Approved Foods List?
Fish, quinoa, and even wine (YES!)

What’s On The No-No List?

Prepared foods with added sugar

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1. Always Be Prepared With “Zero Sugar Cheat Packs”
David recommends pre-making mini servings of wheat cereal, almonds, coconut shreds, and chili powder to keep on hand. He says you should eat one of these packs 20 minutes before heading into uncharted territory at a restaurant or friend’s house for a solid dose of fiber and zero sugar that could help stave off diving face-first into a surprisingly sugary appetizer.

2. Color Code Your Snacks
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell gave one set of students a bowl of uniform yellow chips, while another group had their regular snack layered with differently colored chips. Students who had their snack segmented ate 50 percent less than those with a uniform bowl. Not only visually attractive, but pretty great for the waistline!

To show just how powerful kicking the sugar craving can be to a person’s daily diet, Dave helped viewer Ann—who was eating an average of 5 donuts’ worth of sugar (!!) on an average day—follow his 3-day cleanse that claims to crush sugar cravings.
Anne’s reaction?

“I did not get hungry,” says Anne. “It was very filling and everything had a really nice variety of flavor. Those salmon tacos with mango -- I’m gonna do that again!”

By the way -- she also said her sweet tooth is COMPLETELY tamed! HIGH FIVE!

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