From Fiddlehead Ferns to Rhubarb -- 4 Superfoods You Should Be Eating


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Why You Should Try Eating Fiddlehead Ferns Aired April 11, 2017

Dietician Keri Glassman is here to suggest some delicious superfoods you might not have heard of -- and they’re in season so now is the time to dive right in!

“I always say, I can’t invent new foods but I can certainly introduce you to some that you may not be eating,” Keri says.

Fiddlehead Ferns

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Keri says of these spiral-shaped green veggies, “They look kind of funky. I always say, they look like they should be in a cauldron with somebody stirring them.”

But give them a chance, she says. They taste like asparagus with a nutty flavor, and are loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber.

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Potato Toast

Who says toast needs to be bread? Keri recommends cutting large potatoes into one quarter-inch slices and toasting, then adding toppings like guacamole, eggs, bananas or any other healthy toppings you would add to toast.

“They’re going to be better than any type of toast that you’re eating because they’re not processed at all, they’re a whole, real food,” Keri points out.

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Keri recommends jazzing up a boring salad with this citrusy green, which is loaded with antioxidants.


This pretty red celery-looking veggie features Vitamin K and catechins, compounds that are also found in green tea and are famous for burning a little bit of fat, Keri says.

It’s super tart on its own, so Keri recommends making a compote by simmering it with strawberries, orange juice and honey, then pureeing and spreading on toast.

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