'2 Broke Girls' Star On How She Went From Junk Food 24/7 + Hungover Ballet to Healthy

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Beth was a college student when she booked her gig on “2 Broke Girls,” and she definitely ate (and drank) like one!

“I ate two sugar donuts a day, funnel cakes for lunch and pizza and mac ‘n cheese,” she admits.

She even tells Rach a hilarious story about drinking $1.99 bottles of sparkling wine, then puking between plies at her UCLA ballet class the next morning! (watch the video to hear more)

But that all changed after she booked “2 Broke Girls” and her health went downhill. “I literally got like a ‘Game of Thrones’ grayscale rash all over my body, that they had to cover up on set,” she shares.

Her doctor told her her immune system needed work, and recommended that she change her lifestyle. Slowly but surely, she made changes to her diet, and is now sharing what she learned in a new book, The Total ME-Tox.

Here are a few changes she made:

Swapped Dairy Products for Non-Dairy

She says this is an easy swap -- just start using a plant-based milk instead of dairy wherever you would use milk (i.e. in your coffee, in smoothies, etc.)

Traded Fried Foods for Good Fats

Instead of eating french fries, she would eat Omega-3 loaded avocados.

Cut Back on the Alcohol

Beth still enjoys a glass of wine every now and then, but cut back on her alcohol intake.


Sunshine Mix

Rachael Ray Show

Beth mixes up nuts, dried fruit, seeds (like sunflower seeds), dried coconut and a dash of chocolate chips for her go-to trail mix.

Citrus Smoothie Bowl

Rachael Ray Show

Beth isn’t a big salad fan, so she gets her greens in smoothies. She mixes spinach, banana, avocado, coconut water, chia and flax seeds, lemon juice, orange zest, agave or honey and ice in a blender. She serves in a bowl and tops with berries, coconut flakes, dried fruit and/or nuts.

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