If Your Child Doesn’t Like to Swallow Pills, Is Liquid Medicine Just As Good?

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Playing How to Tend to a Burn + Is Liquid Medicine Better Than a Pill?

Doctor of Pharmacy Stacia Woodcock stopped by to correct “oops” you’re-doing-it-wrong medicine moments.

A mom in our audience asked, “My son doesn’t like to swallow pills, so he likes to take the liquid version. Does it make a difference?” Dr. Woodcock says no.

She says that in most cases, the medicine is the same, And though liquid meds can often cost more than their pill counterparts, if your kid has a fever and won’t swallow the pill, you might never have been so grateful to have the option of a liquid.

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That said, Dr. Woodcock advises that you read the labels and compare to make sure the active ingredients are the same.

Beyond that, she says there can be a bunch of additional ingredients you might not want -- like sweeteners and artificial coloring. So while the medicines may work the same, she recommends always reading the label in order to make an informed decision.

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