Do Identical Twins Run in the Family?

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It’s not every day that four (yes, FOUR) related OBGYNS visit the show -- so, needless to say, our studio audience jumped at the chance to pick the brains of (triplets!) Dr. Joanna Bedell, Dr. Sara Bedell and Dr. Vicky Bedell, and their mom, Dr. Janet Gersten.

Now, if you’re a twin -- or if you're closely related to twins -- this one's for you (A.K.A. you’ve probably wondered about this yourself)!

"I am an identical twin and I have two daughters, who are not identical twins," studio audience member Debi says. "What's the probability that they may have twins?"

Well, according to Dr. Sara Bedell, identical twins aren't hereditary.

"Identical twins and triplets actually do not run in families," she says. "They're spontaneous."

So, if you're an identical twin or triplet, you're just as likely as the rest of the population to get pregnant with identical twins or triplets. And what exactly is that probability, you ask?

About 1 to 3%, Dr. Sara says.

Well, there you go -- mystery solved! Watch the video above to hear Dr. Sara's full explanation.

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