What is The Best Cough Syrup to Help You Sleep at Night?

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It's that dreaded time of year when it feels like EVERYONE is sick. And oftentimes, with a pesky cold comes a cough that just Won’t. Go. Away. Plus, it keeps sick kiddos from getting a good night’s sleep!

So, when parenting and youth development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa (A.K.A. Dr. G.) visited our show, one viewer HAD to ask her for help with that annoying nighttime throat tickle.

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"During this time of year, my three children get sick quite often. What can I give them to help them better sleep [with] their chest congestion and their throat irritation?"
— Karen from Newburgh, NY

"Although there are a lot of over-the-counter cough medicines, what I give my kids and recommend to my friends is buckwheat honey. [It’s] proven in some studies to be just as effective -- or better -- than over-the-counter medicines."
— Dr. Deborah Gilboa

So when throat irritation rears its ugly head, she recommends taking a teaspoon (or even a tablespoon!) of the honey -- and it doesn’t even have to be mixed with anything or diluted in tea!

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"As long as [your child] is over one, it's safe to use this," the doctor continues. "I recommend this all the time as first-line treatment."

With this said, if your cough gets worse, dial your doctor!

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