Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight? It Helped This College Student Lose 80 Lbs!

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You may have heard of the "Freshman 15" -- but when one viewer named Kay started college at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, she was determined to lose weight.

"My parents got divorced when I was about 13," Kay explains, "and I think that's when I started to kind of eat my feelings."

The college student recalls gaining 100 pounds in high school after making after-school snacks for herself that could feed four people.

At one point, her doctor told her that she was pre-diabetic.

"If I continued the way that I was going," she remembers her doctor saying, "I was going to die in my mid-30s."

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That startling wake-up call is what encouraged Kay to start college with a brand-new mindset.

She knew she’d be walking more and became determined to eat better, too -- and she ultimately lost 20 pounds during her first semester.


To maintain her fit lifestyle throughout her time at college, Kay opted for yoga as exercise -- but she knew she couldn’t afford classes.

That's when she turned to YouTube star and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler’s videos.

"Doing yoga with Adriene three times a week helps me destress and not think about schoolwork," Kay says.

And with that commitment and dedication, she lost over 80 pounds over the course of three years. Incredible!

When Kay visited our studio, we wanted to surprise her -- so we secretly invited Adriene too!

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Watch that adorable surprise meeting in the video above!

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