Rach's Dentist Says You Should NEVER Use This Type of Toothbrush

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According to Rach’s dentist, Dr. Guido Sarnachiaro, not all toothbrushes are created equal.

So, you know when you’re roaming the toothbrush aisle and are faced with an irritating amount of options -- including soft, medium and hard bristles? Well, good news -- we can help you narrow that decision down!

Essentially, Dr. Guido strongly suggests reaching for extra soft or soft.

"We don’t want to [use] hard or medium," he explains, "because we could hurt our teeth and our gums."

Ouch. No, thanks!

What else should you look out for on the package? The American Dental Association seal of approval.

"It’s very, very important," the dentist stresses.

Want more of Dr. Guido's advice? Watch the video above to hear his two cents on electric toothbrushes.

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