Why "Dirty" Skin Could Actually Be a Good Thing

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Yes, there IS such thing as your face being *too* clean, leading NYC dermatologist and the author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin, Dr. Whitney Bowe, says.

"The number one mistake that Americans make when it comes to [their] skin," the derm explains, "is that they're over-cleansing."

BUT that doesn't excuse you from washing your face, everyone!

"You don't have to rub and scrub your skin raw," Dr. Whitney stresses, "but you do want to take off your makeup at night."

Luckily, the derm broke down her suggested face-washing technique for us:

1. Dampen your skin with warm -- not hot! -- water

(You *can* use cold water, if you're up for it, like Rach!)

2. Massage a couple pumps of a GENTLE cleanser into your skin, using circular motions

3. Rinse with warm water

4. Pat -- not rub! -- your face dry with a clean towel

Watch one of our viewers demonstrate under the doc's watchful eye in the video above!

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Now, while Dr. Whitney does approve of exfoliating once or twice a week, make sure you use a GENTLE scrub or brush.

And beware of toners!

"Toners should not have alcohol in them," she stresses. "Stay away from anything that leaves the skin feeling tight, dry [or] squeaky clean. That's killing off your good bugs."

And by "good bugs," she means the probiotics -- or bacteria -- living inside your gut and on your skin.

Learn more about them -- and Dr. Whitney's 3-week probiotic skin care plan -- here!

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