Are Your Breasts Sore? It Might Be What You're Eating

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We were so thrilled when celebrity breast cancer surgeon and co-founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kristi Funk, visited the studio, we couldn't help but ask her a zillion questions!

Including one very common one about breast pain — that doesn't come at that "time of the month."

Stumped about what's causing it? Allow Dr. Kristi to explain!

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QUESTION: What’s the deal with sore breasts, I feel like my breasts are sore even when I’m not getting my period?

ANSWER: "Breast soreness is most common when you’re about to have your period or are on your period, and it should go away on its own each month," says Dr. Kristi. (Although, as our audience member in the video above experiences, and Dr. Kristi agrees, ovulation can also cause a little breast soreness.)

And the reason for that? "Most breast pain — which, by the way, 90-plus percent of women experience at some point in their lives — is from the hormonal fluctuations associated with having menstrual cycles," she says.

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"But also, when it comes to breast health, what you eat matters!" says the doc. "Breast soreness can be related to caffeine from coffee and sodas, as well as salt. On the flip side, soy can actually ease breast soreness. Soy has gotten a bad rap but the science is there that the phytoestrogens are very helpful and can actually ease soreness!"

That's when Dr. Kristi presented what she calls the “10 Breast Superfoods,” which she says you should aim to eat every single day:

1. Cruciferous veggies (for instance, ½ cup of raw or lightly steamed broccoli)
2. Fiber (FYI: 1 avocado = 13g of fiber!)
3. Berries
4. Apples
5. Tomatoes
6. Mushrooms
7. Garlic
8. Turmeric
9. Seaweed
10. Cacao (needs to be 70% cacao dark chocolate)

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