3 Ways to Get Rid of a Sunburn Quickly

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You might have seen the viral post going around: shaving cream as a magical sunburn cure?!

But it's not the only game in town, so if slathering yourself in menthol foam isn't appealing, here are our best tips for soothing the burn.

(Of course, the best way to avoid a nasty sunburn is to always wear sunscreen!)


Rach's favorite tip: fill an ice-cube tray with aloe vera gel and freeze it.

Whenever you get burned, pop out a cube and voila! Instant relief.

(P.S. Use your leftover aloe vera as shaving gel for silky-smooth legs!) 


Dr. Ian recommends making a blend of cold milk and water and applying a compress of the liquid to the affected area. (Watch him demonstrate in the video above!)

The secret? Make sure the mixture is super cold so that it draws out the heat. You can repeat this up to three times — and hopefully get some much needed relief.


One of the biggest mistakes women make after getting a sunburn? Slathering makeup all over their face to hide it!

"I want that skin to breathe and to heal," explains stylist Gretta Monahan.

Monahan recommends applying a green-tinted lotion to neutralize redness in the skin and dotting concealer on hotspots. Avoiding products with mineral oil is key too, as it slows down healing.

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