These 'Guardians' Go to Extreme Lengths to Save Animals

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Military vets, bikers, and retired police officers all have one thing in common on Animal Planet’s new show "The Guardians": they use their special skills to save abused animals and rescue them. Anyone who knows Rach knows that this would be a hit with her! She welcomed two of the show’s stars and two adorable rescues: an eight-month-old Lab mix named Mocha, and eight-year-old pitbull, Bunny, who’s sadly never had her own home.

Rob Misseri and Marvin “Moose” Baynes save animals in pretty extreme ways -- using hidden cameras and undercover tactics, they and their team of volunteers get furry friends out of truly deplorable conditions. Moose told the story of how his own dog was rescued (having a wound that had been festering for a week -- poor pup!) and Rachael commended them on their work. She knows a little something about their mission, seeing as her line of dog food, Nutrish, has raised $16 million for no-kill shelters (and Rach says the food is so healthy that she’s eaten it herself!)

Watch more of this heartwarming story in the video above and on "The Guardians" which airs Saturdays at 10/9 central on Animal Planet. Those interested in adopting animals like Bunny or Miss Mocha, please connect with Save a Pet Rescue.

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