190-lb Therapy Dog Picks Out His Own Tie and Sees Patients With His Human Mom!

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Meet the ginormous therapy dog who's brought smiles to hospital patients for almost eight years!

He's a gentle giant who charms patients and nurses alike -- and he even dresses up for his visits with a necktie and stethoscope!


When he was just a puppy, Quincy's owner, Karen, knew there was something special about him and that he had a calming effect on people. In fact, he was certified as a therapy dog two days after his first birthday!

"He is a natural," Karen says. "He was born to do this."

"His goal each night is to make someone’s day better," she continues, "even if it's just one person for a few minutes, he's done his job."

(Are you crying? Because we're crying.)

For each visit, Quincy dresses in one of his three dozen ties, as well as a stethoscope and his official doctor’s badge. He stops in to see patients that the nurses think might need a special pick-me-up, but sometimes he’ll wander into a room on his own if he senses another patient might want to say hello.

Rach got to meet Dr. Quincy in her studio -- and she loved hearing that he uses his days off to lounge on the counch.

"That’s my kind of fella!"

Ours too, Rach, ours too! 

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