7 Ways to Use Your Canned Summer Tomatoes Year Round

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired September 03, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

If you’re overwhelmed by your tomato crop and don’t know what you’re going to do all of them, why not can them and use them year round? These seven delish recipes will allow you to enjoy your harvest throughout the winter!

No.1: Chicken Provencal One-Pot

Rachael Ray Show

This comforting French stew, which featurs red wine, Herbes de Provence and saffron, is the perfect dish for a chilly fall or winter night.

No. 2: Lidia Bastianich’s Rigatoni with Sausage-Tomato Sauce

Rachael Ray Show

Lidia Bastianich will magically transform your ordinary tomatoes into a delectable sausage-based sauce that also features zucchini. Yum!

No. 3: Lasagna Bolognese

Rachael Ray Show

Fabio Viviani’s rich Bolognese-style meat lasagna is the real deal, and is so special that it made our second list of “Foods to Make Before You Die.” Fabio evens challenges you to make your own pasta – why not?

No. 4: Christopher Kimball's Thin-Crust Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

Christopher Kimball has cracked the code in figuring out how to get a perfectly crisp crust at home – he uses a “pizza steel.” So your precious tomatoes won’t be wasted in this amazing creation!

No. 5: Meat and Herb Stuffed Zucchini

Rachael Ray Show

The recipe for these extremely healthy and flavorful zucchini rice boats were given to Rach by George, an Egyptian-American driver from Cleveland. Rach loves them so much that she frequently makes this dish at home!

No. 6: Ted Allen’s Killer Chili

Rachael Ray Show

This chili has an amazing depth of flavor thanks to Ted’s technique of toasting dried chiles on a cast iron pan until they start to smoke. This dish would be perfect in fall or winter, or frankly, spring or summer, it’s that good!

No. 7: Chorizo-Zucchini Posole with Chipotle

Rachael Ray Show

Rachael says that her take on the traditional Mexican stew posole is like a healthy version of nachos, because she plates up homemade tortilla strips, shredded cheese, radishes, avocado, and pours a rich, spicy chicken and zucchini soup over it.

What’s your favorite way to use canned tomatoes? Share below.

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