Two Fun Candy Corn Fakeouts for Your Fall Party

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired October 09, 2015

Looking for festive fall party food? Look no further! We’ve got two savory fakeouts that look like candy corn! This would be perfect for a Halloween party, or even a Thanksgiving event.

Candy Corn Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

This savory pizza is not actually made with candy, contrary to how it might sound! It’s a simple cheese pie topped with rings of different colored peppers, so when you slice, the pieces look like candy corn! What a super fun fall treat!

Candy Corn Cheese Plate

Rachael Ray Show

This extremely lighthearted fake-out is pretty much the easiest party dish you could ever assemble. Just take a wedge of Brie, cubes of yellow cheese and cubes of orange cheese, and arrange them on a cheese board in the shape of a piece of candy corn. Done!

You can even serve a bowl of actual candy corn right alongside these two treats. Are you a fan of candy corn? Share below!

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