9 Impressive Desserts Even a Beginner Chef Can Make

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired October 14, 2015

Don’t think you’re good at dessert? No need to fret! We have nine impressive desserts that you can make for your next function even if you’re no expert at the sweet stuff!

No. 1: Chef Jacques Torres' Chocolate Mousse in Dark Chocolate Flower Bowls

Rachael Ray Show

Ever wondered how it was possible to make little cups made of chocolate? Well, we learned and it couldn’t be easier! You just dip small blown-up balloons in chocolate, then pop the balloons! Watch and learn!

No. 2: Ryan Scott's Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Rachael Ray Show

If you want ice cream with your cookies, listen up. Ryan Scott bakes chocolate cookies in a muffin tin so that they form little chocolate cookie bowls! Just scoop in some ice cream and enjoy!

No. 3: Buddy Valastro’s Classic Cannoli

Rachael Ray Show

Ever wanted to learn how to make a cannoli like a classic Italian baker? Now’s your chance! Buddy shares the secret ingredient that gives the shell its signature bubbles – white vinegar! Who knew?

No. 4: Buddy Valastro's Pinata Cake

Rachael Ray Show

Buddy just bakes two simple vanilla cakes in casserole dishes, then hollows them out and fills with candy, placing one cake upside down on top of the other cake to make a candy-filled piñata cake!

No. 5: Grant’s Pancake Cake

Rachael Ray Show

When your friends see this sweet, pretty cake topped with bacon, they will be sure you picked it up at a trendy bakery! But you won’t believe how easy it actually is to make – you actually just use pancake mix as the base!

No. 6: Yigit Pura’s Berries and Cream Parfait

Rachael Ray Show

This impossibly elegant dessert starts with an angel food cake that you could totally buy pre-made at the store! It’s much less complicated than it looks.

No. 7: Avocado Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

If you serve this ice cream, your friends will think you’ve been moonlighting at a culinary school! But it really could not be easier. Just blend up avocado, heavy cream and agave, then freeze! That’s it!

No. 8: Grant’s Watermelon Ice Cream Pops

Rachael Ray Show

Now this one will really wow your friends – watermelon ice cream pops like you could get at an ice cream truck! You just layer ice cream and other ingredients in a loaf pan, stick popsicle sticks in, freeze, and slice!

No. 9: Clodagh McKenna's Guinness Cake

Rachael Ray Show

Want to transport your friends and family to a thatched roof cottage in Ireland? Make them this Guinness cake! The “Irish Rachael Ray” Clodagh McKenna shared this recipe for a rich, fluffy chocolate cake with Guinness for effervescence that is very simple to make.

What’s your favorite simple but yummy dessert? Tell us below!

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