These 4 Rules for Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Will Save Your Life

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Don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to cook a bird that will feed an army? Always run out of gravy? Follow Rach’s four simple rules and your Thanksgiving dinner will be way simpler and easier!

Tip 1: Cook Your Turkey Faster!

Rachael likes to sleep in on Thanksgiving morning, so she suggests a couple ways to cut back on Turkey cooking time.

The first option is to make two small turkeys, because they will cook faster! Also, you’ll have four legs for the turkey leg-lovers in your circle. Additionally, you can leave one of the turkeys intact for tabletop carving, and carve up the second one to pass around the table.

The second option is to spatchcock your bird by removing its backbone and flattening it out. Rach reveals that you could cook a whole turkey in an hour this way!

Rule 2: Check Your Temps

If you want to avoid any last minute snafus, make sure that your thermometers are working ahead of time! Check your meat thermometer by placing the tip into boiling water and making sure it reads at 212 degrees. Also use an oven thermometer to check that your oven is cooking true to temp.

Rule 3: Make Your Own Cranberry Sauce – It’s So Easy!

Rachael makes her own cranberry sauce. She follows the package instructions (One pound of fresh cranberries, One cup of water, one cup of sugar) with one change – instead of using a cup of sugar, she uses three quarters of a cup.

Rule 4: There Can Never Be Enough Gravy

Rachael Ray's No-Fail Thanksgiving Gravy

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Playing Rachael Ray's No-Fail Thanksgiving Gravy

Don’t just rely on pan drippings to make your gravy because you won’t have enough! Rach suggests making extra! She says to start with a roux with lots cracked black pepper, add turkey stock and simmer. Once it thickens, you can customize with your pan drippings, maple syrup, fresh apple cider, or even bourbon!

What rule would you add to this list? Share below!

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