8 Incredibly Delicious Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

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Turkey – it’s not just for roasting! If you think you need to buy a whole turkey and cook it in your oven for five hours – you’re wrong! That’s certainly one way to do it, but we have eight different ways to prepare turkey that you may not have even thought of! Read on for delicious inspiration!

No. 1: Citrus and Herb Spatchcock Turkey

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Spatchcocking your turkey (i.e. removing the backbone and cooking it flat) could save you hours on Turkey Day! After spatchcocking, and rubbing with kosher salt and pepper and leaving in the fridge overnight, Rach stuffs tons of herbs under the turkey skin. She then tops her roasting rack with charred orange and lemon slices before adding the bird.

No. 2: John McLemore’s Savory Fried Turkey

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It’s not for the faint of heart, but frying your turkey is another amazing option! First, inject your turkey with marinade to ensure your bird doesn’t dry out. Then, fry your turkey according to the specific safety instructions for your frying device.

No. 3: Beer Can Turkey

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This fun and simple recipe calls for cooking a turkey on the outdoor grill propped on a can of beer! The technique kicks off with the cook drinking a half can of beer, not a bad place to start! Then, fill the can back up with herbs, garlic and orange juice. Next, make a rub of herbs, butter and citrus zest and rub it all over the bird, including under the skin. Finally, stand the turkey upright on the can of beer on your outdoor grill, close and cook at 325 for 15 minutes a pound.

No. 4: Cider-Soaked Spatchcock Turkey

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Rach first brines her turkey in a cider brine, then roasts the spatchcocked bird (with spine removed and cooked flat) over a bed of celery, apple, lemon, herbs and onions.

No. 5: John McLemore's Honey-Glazed, Roasted Pecan Deep-Fried Turkey Breast

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This decadent turkey breast couldn’t be more enticing. Start by injecting a turkey breast with chicken broth, then deep fry according to your fryer’s instructions. Then, make a glaze of roasted pecans, honey and butter and pour it over your breast on a serving platter.

No. 6: Mario Batali's Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast Porchetta-Style

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If you’re having a smaller gathering and don’t want to make a whole bird, this Italian-style stuffed roast turkey breast is the perfect option. Mario Batali makes a stuffing with Italian sausage, onion, garlic, shallots and bread, then spreads it over a boned turkey breast and rolls it up and ties with twine.

No. 7: Richard Blais' Sous-Vide Turkey Breast and Legs

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Richard Blais uses the Sous-Vide method to cook this foolproof turkey. He puts his turkey parts inside sous-vide bags, and then uses a sealer to vacuum seal them, and then cooks them in a Sous Vide machine. He says that it’s impossible to overcook your turkey this way!

No. 8: Nutty Turkey Loaf with Cracked Cranberry and Orange Sauce

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And finally, if you want to do something totally and completely different, try this Thanksgiving-inspired turkey meatloaf recipe!

What’s your favorite way to prepare Turkey for Thanksgiving? Share below, and watch a demonstration of how to spatchcock a turkey below:

Learn How to Spatchcock a Turkey

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