7 Healthy and Delicious Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Sides

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 16, 2015

If you want to go all out for Thanksgiving but still want to keep things healthy and nutritious, look no further! We have seven amazing options that will keep you on track despite the food-heavy holiday!

No. 1: Spaghetti Squash with Spinach and Ricotta

Rachael Ray Show

Rachael likens the flavor of this healthy dish to lasagna, yum! She starts with two roasted spaghetti squashes, and shreds the insides with a fork. She mixes up some ricotta, spinach, egg and Parmigiano Reggiano, adds the squash, combines, then puts in a casserole dish. She tops with mozzarella cheese and bakes. That’s it!

No. 2: Valerie Bertinelli’s Herbed Mashed Cauliflower

Rachael Ray Show

Valerie cooks cauliflower in salted water, then purees with parsley, dill, Greek yogurt, butter and garlic. She garnishes with parmesan cheese, then serves. Yum!

No. 3: Valerie Bertinelli’s Green Beans with Shallots

Rachael Ray Show

Valerie blanches her green beans until they turn a vibrant green, then tosses them with a shallot and red wine vinegar dressing. Whether you serve it warm or cold, it will be equally delicious!

No. 4: Graham Elliot's Healthy Mashed Potato Fake-out

Rachael Ray Show

You’d never guess by tasting them, but Graham’s “mashed potatoes” are actually cannellini beans! He cooks them with onions, garlic and saffron for a rich, subtly exotic flavor.

No. 5: Breadless Butternut Stuffing

Rachael Ray Show

This is a stuffing with no bread that works for those who follow a gluten-free or Paleo diet. Rach starts the stuffing like she would if she was making it with bread, by sauteeing celery, onion, apple and herbs, but adds roasted squash instead of bread at the end, and adds an onion glaze at the end for added flavor.

No. 6: Graham Elliot’s Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffing

Rachael Ray Show

For another bread-free stuffing option, try Graham’s rice stuffing, which features cranberries and chestnuts for a truly festive feel.

No. 7: Graham Elliot's Healthy Green Bean Casserole

Rachael Ray Show

For this flavor-packed casserole, Graham roasts mushrooms to develop rich flavor so that you don’t need all that cream. He also crisps some sliced shallots in the oven to replace the fried onions. Brilliant and so tasty!

What’s your favorite healthy side? Share below, and watch Rach make her delicious squash stuffing fake-out below!

Breadless Butternut Stuffing

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