13 Creative Ways to Make Completely New Meals with Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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After Thanksgiving, everyone has loads of leftovers, but your standard turkey sandwich gets boring after a few days, right?

Read on for 13 creative and delicious ways to repurpose those leftovers into totally new and delicious meals!

No. 1: Turkey Club Flatbreads

Turkey Club Flatbreads
Rachael Ray Show

Rachael admits: she’d rather be eating this Turkey Club Flatbread instead of your typical Thanksgiving dinner. Shredded turkey, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and leeks top garlic naan flatbread for an easy brunch, lunch or dinner option.

Watch her make it in the video above!

GET THE RECIPE: Turkey Club Flatbreads

No. 2: Kelsey Nixon’s Cranberry Carmelitas

Cranberry Carmelitas
Rachael Ray Show

Find another use for those leftover cranberries with this sweet treat. These soft and chewy bars from Food Network star Kelsey Nixon are loaded with white chocolate chips and a cranberry caramel sauce.

GET THE RECIPE: Kelsey Nixon’s Cranberry Carmelitas

No. 3: Kelsey Nixon’s Cranberry Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce
Rachael Ray Show

Sugar, cream, butter and cranberry sauce is all you need to make this simple sauce from Food Network star Kelsey Nixon.

GET THE RECIPE: Kelsey Nixon’s Cranberry Caramel Sauce

No. 4: Michael Schlow’s Spicy Turkey Hash with Poached Egg & Green Chile Sauce

Turkey Hash
Rachael Ray Show

Thanksgiving dinner becomes post-Thanksgiving brunch with this spicy turkey hash from chef and restaurateur Michael Schlow. The dish is loaded with Brussels sprouts, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes and creamed onion, and topped with a perfectly poached egg.

GET THE RECIPE: Michael Schlow’s Spicy Turkey Hash with Poached Egg & Green Chile Sauce 

No. 5: Turkey & Chorizo Tacos

Turkey & Chorizo Tacos
Rachael Ray Show

We’re thankful for Rach’s Turkey & Chorizo Tacos. It’s a great switch-up from heating up leftovers (again).

GET THE RECIPE: Turkey & Chorizo Tacos

No. 6: Sausage and Corn Bread Stuffing Waffle

Rachael Ray Show

This is a great sweet and savory recipe to use up your leftovers. Just press leftover stuffing into a greased waffle iron. Top your stuffing waffle with turkey and a syrup made from cranberry sauce and maple syrup!

GET THE RECIPE: Sausage and Corn Bread Stuffing Waffle

No. 7: Turkey Poppers Rellenos

Rachael Ray Show

This take on a combo of chile rellenos and jalapeno poppers stuffs chiles with mashed potatoes, then tops with turkey, gravy and cheese. Delish!

GET THE RECIPE: Turkey Poppers Rellenos

No. 8: Nate Berkus’ Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Rachael Ray Show

I know what you’re thinking, “But I already know how to make a turkey sandwich with my leftovers.” Keep reading, because this isn’t your typical turkey sandwich! Nate Berkus got this recipe from one of his favorite restaurants. The sandwich features cream cheese, French dressing, leftover turkey, sunflower seeds and alfafa sprouts, so it’s nutritious and delicious.

GET THE RECIPE: Nate Berkus’ Leftover Turkey Sandwich

No. 9: Turkey Croque Monsieurs

Rachael Ray Show

Fancy up your Thanksgiving leftovers by turning them into a delectable French treat featuring béchamel sauce, egg, cheese, and a cranberry-rosemary relish!

GET THE RECIPE: Turkey Croque Monsieurs

No. 10: Turkey and Bacon Monte Cristo

Rachael Ray Show

Rach dips the bread for these sandwiches in an egg/milk bath before frying them up – just like savory French toast! Then she piles cranberry sauce, turkey breast, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and bread and butter pickles. We could eat this every day!

GET THE RECIPE: Turkey and Bacon Monte Cristo

No. 11: Thanksgiving Stromboli

These little strombolis are basically a yummy take on a turkey sandwich. Just stuff prepared pizza dough with cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, gravy and cheddar cheese. Yum!

GET THE RECIPE: Thanksgiving Stromboli

No. 12: Curtis Stone’s Leftover Mash & Hash

This hash combines all of your Thanksgiving leftovers into one delicious hash served over potato pancakes! Eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

GET THE RECIPE: Curtis Stone’s Leftover Mash & Hash

No. 13: Fondue Gravy

Use that leftover gravy as fondue dipping sauce! Heat it up and put the pot on the table, with leftovers on sticks surrounding it. Have every dip their leftover of choice in! This is super fun for the kiddos.

GET THE RECIPE: Fondue Gravy

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