5 Crowd-Pleasing Ways to Prepare Brussels Sprouts this Thanksgiving

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 25, 2015

Brussels Sprouts are an extremely popular Thanksgiving side these days, but if you’re still intimidated by these little green mini-cabbages, we have five delicious recipes that are sure to please the whole family!

No. 1: Michael Symon’s Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Pecorino

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It doesn’t get easier than this, folks! This would be a perfect side to toss together right before you sit down to eat. Michael makes a simple red wine vinegar dressing in the bowl, then added chopped fresh dill, toasted walnuts, shaved brussels sprouts and scallions, and tosses it all together. Top with shaved Pecorino and you’re done!

No. 2: Curtis Stone’s Mashed Potatoes-Brussels Sprout Gratin

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Curtis whips up some mashed potatoes with mascarpone cheese, sour cream, butter and milk, then tops them with brussels sprouts sautéed with caraway seeds. Delish!

No. 3: Marc Murphy’s Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

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Marc starts by shocking his sprouts in salted boiling water to keep that beautiful bright green color, then sautees with bacon – that’s it! Super simple and doesn’t require the oven so you can do this while the bird is cooking.

No. 4: Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Balsamic Vinegar

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These quick-cooking brussels sprouts are mouthwateringly delish and pair excellently with turkey and mashed potatoes.

No. 5: Wendie Malick’s Cumin-Roasted Baby Brussels Sprouts

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For a deep, complex flavor, why not try actress Wendie Malick’s cumin-roasted sprouts recipe? And this one is easy too – just toss sprouts with olive oil, cumin seeds and salt, roast, then top with fresh-squeezed lime juice before serving. Delish!

What’s your favorite way to prepare Brussels Sprouts? Share below, then watch how easy it is to make Michael Symon’s delicious salad:

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