7 Mouthwatering Recipes for Lucky Foods to Eat on New Year's Day

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Did you know that several different types of food are said to bring good luck if you eat them on New Year’s Day? We’re listing them and also suggesting recipes you can prepare!

Grapes: Baked Ricotta with Pistachios

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Eating 12 grapes at midnight is considered to be lucky in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Why not eat your grapes roasted with his delicious baked ricotta cheeseball?

Greens: Kale Chips

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Greens are said to be a lucky New Year food because they resemble green money. Roasting transforms mega-healthy kale into salty, crunchy bites of deliciousness.

Beans: White Beans and Rosemary Crostini

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Beans resemble coins, which is why they are a fortuitous food to eat for the New Year. This simple dip is made by rendering pancetta in a pan, then adding rosemary, garlic, lemon juice and white beans and mashing the beans a little with a wooden spoon. Serve on toasted sliced baguette.

Soba Noodles: Rotisserie Chicken Cold Noodles

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In Japan, soba noodles are a lucky New Year’s food of choice. For this dish, start with a shredded grocery store rotisserie chicken, then cook some soba noodles to al dente and allow to cool. Toss with a delicious and easy homemade Asian-inspired dressing, peanuts, red onion, scallions, basil and lettuce. Delish!

Pork: Nancy Fuller’s Stuffed Cabbage Without the Roll

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Pork is considered a lucky food because pigs are correlated with the idea of moving forward in one’s life. For this recipe, ground pork or beef in a heavy bottomed-pan, then onion, carrot, cabbage, broth, tomatoes and more delicious ingredients. She simmers until the cabbage is tender, then adds rice. What a perfect one-pot dinner for a cool night!

Fish: Old Bay Beer Battered Cod Sandwiches with Malt Vinegar Slaw

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Fish are lucky to eat because they swim forward. Rachael’s cod sandwiches feature a beer batter, and to add even more flavor, Rachael adds crispy salt and vinegar potato chips to the sandwiches, yum!

Round Cake: Grant’s No-Measure Yogurt Cake

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Round cakes symbolize the circle of life. Grant's delicious no-measure Yogurt Cake, as you might guess, requires no measuring cups or spoons. You can thank us, later.

What are you hoping luck will bring you in 2016? Share below, and check out how easy it is to make kale chips below!

Wendie Malick’s Kale Chips

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