3 Skinny and Satisfying Meals from Bob Harper

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 06, 2016

It’s the New Year, and if you’re hoping for a new you, Biggest Loser star and fitness expert Bob Harper is here to share three deliciously healthy dishes that will help you stay trim!

No. 1: Bob Harper’s Avocado Tuna Salad

This tuna salad isn’t missing anything! Bob mixes mashed avocado with tuna, diced cucumbers, sugar free pickles and pickled jalapenos. Delish!

No. 2: Bob Harper’s Skinny Chicken Soup

Bob Harper slow cooks his chicken soup to get all of those nutrients into his broth, and doesn’t shy away from dark meat, because fat doesn’t bother him. It’s the starchy carbs, processed foods and sugar that he likes to avoid.

No. 3: Bob Harper’s Ratatouille

Bob likes to roast eggplant and cherry tomatoes with olive oil and serve them alongside his entrée, like a skirt steak.

And for a bonus peek into Bob’s life, watch below to find out whether he indulges in “unhealthy” treats from time to time!

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