Brown Bag Your Lunch with 8 Delicious Options

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired May 25, 2016

Just because you’re packing your own lunch doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Read on for eight amazing sandwich and salad options that you can take with you.

No. 1: Curtis Stone’s Peanut Butter, Jam and Banana Burrito To Go

Rachael Ray Show

Kids and adults alike won’t be able to get enough of these delicious wraps. Curtis Stone rolls up tortillas with peanut butter, bananas, jam and Greek yogurt for a yummy to-go treat.

No. 2: Tripletas

Rachael Ray Show

This multi-layered and flavorful Cubano-inspired steak sandwich can be made to feed a crowd, so you can make a sandwich for every member of the family at one time!

No. 3: Quinoa Cobb Salad in a Jar

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This make-ahead salad is as healthy as you make it! Layer your favorite veggies, lettuce, quinoa, dressing and other ingredients in a mason jar, then just toss and eat when you are ready! Substitute the bacon and blue cheese with a lower-calorie protein if you like!

No. 4: Major Grey Chutney Chicken Salad

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This spicy, sweet chicken salad is guilt-free because it’s made with Greek yogurt rather than mayo. With ginger, garlic and a mango chutney mixed in, it’s bursting with light and fresh flavor.

No. 5: Lemon Tuna Salad

Rachael Ray Show

For this tuna salad, Rach makes her own lemon-y aioli to use instead of regular mayo, and she includes tarragon, celery (including the tops) and finely chopped shallot to give it a French vibe. Spread it on bread, and you’ve gotten an insanely tasty sandwich.

Tip: Rach really emphasizes that she prefers line-caught, sustainable tuna for environmental reasons.

No. 6: Baby Spinach and Marinated Artichoke Salad

Rachael Ray Show

Buddy Valastro’s wife Lisa makes this delicate spinach salad. She tosses spinach with a white wine Dijon vinaigrette, then arranges it on the plate with marinated artichoke hearts, capers, tuna and shaved Parmesan. If you bring it for lunch, just pack the dressing separate and toss when it’s time to eat.

No. 7: Trisha Yearwood’s Cream Cheese Roll-ups (a.k.a. Redneck Sushi)

Rachael Ray Show

Trisha makes these delicious bite-sized pinwheels by first blending cream cheese, salsa and green onions. She slathers that on tortillas, adds cooked bacon and deli ham, then rolls up. She covers the rolls in plastic wrap and chills until they’re very cold, then slices into little pinwheels!

No. 8: Graham Elliott’s Shaved Broccoli Salad

Rachael Ray Show

For this dish, Graham shreds broccoli to make a salad base, then adds pomegranate seeds, shaved parmesan, slivered almonds and a honey-dijon dressing. Simple and super healthy.

Watch below to see Rach make her decadent Tripletas sandwiches below:


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