11 Burgers You Have to Throw on the Grill This Summer

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired May 27, 2016

It’s heating up outside which means it’s grilling season! Check out 11 delicious burger recipes you have to try this summer.

No. 1: Big Smacker Burger

Rachael Ray Show

First, we have the big daddy of all burgers, the masterpiece Big Smacker burger that Rach created for YouTube burger expert Daym Drops. This triple-decker creation features bacon, a special sauce, onion, lettuce, cheese and pickles. Perfection!

No. 2: Katie Lee’s BLT Ranch Burgers

Rachael Ray Show

Katie’s simple, summery BLT burger will be the hit of any BBQ. Katie accessorizes her beef patty with bacon, homemade ranch dressing and a toasted bun.

Tip: Add Worcestershire sauce to your ground beef when you make your burger patties, because as Katie says, it will make your meat taste “meatier.”

No. 3: Pub Cheeseburgers with Warm Roast Fingerling Potato Salad

Rachael Ray Show

This cheeseburger has it all – a crisp toasted Brioche bun, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bacon and homemade pub cheese featuring wine. Rach serves with a warm, vinegar-based potato salad.

No. 4: Nacho Burgers

Rachael Ray Show

For these delightful burgers, Rach puts chipotle in adobo right into her patties and tops them with actual cheesy nachos which she bakes in the oven ahead of time.

No. 5: Eat-Your-Greens Burgers with Avocado Ranch Dressing

Rachael Ray Show

For this juicy burger, Rach grinds up baby kale and puts it right into the patties! Brilliant!

No. 6: Hit The Spot-light Sliders

Rachael Ray Show

Rach makes this “Boston” style burger with ground sirloin mixed with a splash of whiskey, and tops with cheese. She mixes bacon, Worcestershire sauce and scallions into canned baked beans, then heaps generously over the burger before topping chopped sweet pickles and a bun. Delish!

No. 7: Burgers au Poivre

Rachael Ray Show

These delicious burgers are seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic and lots of course black pepper. Rach serves them on a toasted bun with a creamy Dijon spread – delish!

No. 8: Julia Child's Pan-Fried Thin Burger

Rachael Ray Show

Want to make the perfect burger? Emeril Lagasse shares Julia Child’s intricate common sense strategy.

Tip: Make sure to place the tomato under the burger to make it less likely that it will slip out when you bite in!

No. 9: Spicy Cheddar Burgers with Blue Cheese Aioli

Rachael Ray Show

A blue-cheese aioli adds a tangy richness and depth to these spicy cheddar burgers.

No. 10: Green Onion Burgers with Burst Tomato-Tarragon Sauce

Rachael Ray Show

Cheeseburgers go perfectly with this amazing Tomato-Tarragon sauce? The light, bright tomato flavor enlivens an otherwise traditional cheeseburger.

No. 11: Chile Burgers with Southern-Style Slaw, Mustard and Onions

Rachael Ray Show

This green-chile-infused burger has TWO kinds of cheese on top – American and Pepper Jack! Plus, a topper of southern-style cole slaw, mustard and onions. Yum!

Watch Rach make her Daym Drops burger below:

Big Smacker Daym Drops Burger

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